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Re: not so sure about this...

Posted 5/26/2012 at 10:10:52 PM

Well I am VERY sure about this !
and Yep you got it brstlvr.

I have known and been with many card counters ........only in their rooms.
I would never risk being seen with them in the Casino , less alone sit by their side on a table.
Oh and I have been offered many times this type of deal and other deals to help them win money.
Sorry , no  amount of money that could be won counting cards is worth the risk of getting 86'd from a hotel and then your also 86'd from any hotel that belongs to that property.

Being 86'd from a hotel property is not good for my business........ I would never risk that.

Oh the stories these card counters have told me ,...... fake Id's , (so now that is getting into illegal stuff )  changing hair color , disguises ........
No matter what they did , sooner or later they got caught ....... and for the most part it was sooner then later ....... and that was before the days of advanced security technology.  

SO , Mr. Bluesbass ( btw your using an Alias  , already less trustworthy , just saying )
But my advise to you - Don't get too cocky.  Maybe for now you only got "backed off" but rest assure the eye in the sky took your photo and now they will be keeping a very close eye on you.
One day if the Casino decides to 86 you from their property ( it is their right , since it is private property they can tell you are not welcomed anymore )
Then if you still come back to the hotel , now you are trespassing.
That gives the hotel the right to call metro on you.
Sorry I wouldn't want to be sitting next to you when that happens ;-) ;-) ;-)

The Casinos are not happy if an escort takes a guest away from the tables.
They will be even less happy that an escort is trying to help a guest win by card counting.

Don't push your luck because you think you have been getting away with this for awhile.
The casinos know exactly what they are doing.
They know that most card counters work in groups.
While you think you are getting away with it ,they have their eyes open to catch the "bigger picture."
CAPEESH ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

xoxo CindySpice


Posted By: brstlvr
I don't play much in big casinos, but this sounds like a good way for a provider to get 86'd from the property.  And if she's not already in the casino's face recognition database, she will be if they catch on.  If you were backed off a Vegas table before, you should expect to be in it and they do share information.
I've always heard that casinos have an extreme dislike of providers taking a guest (and his money) out of the casino, I would imagine helping a guest beat the house isn't looked upon favorably either.


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