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Newbie coming to Vegas, unusual question

Posted 5/26/2012 at 1:09:59 AM


I'm a hobbyist newbie who will be coming to Vegas the first 2 weeks in July to play in the WSOP. When I'm not playing one of my events, I plan to hire the services of a provider(s). I've been reading the reviews here and already have some providers in mind, though ladies please feel free to post in this thread if you are newbie friendly. :-) I plan to be verified by P411 before my trip.

I also have a somewhat unusual question about an alternative method to compensate a provider for her time. Besides poker, I'm an avid blackjack player and know how to count cards. Last year in Vegas, I could only play BJ for so long before a couple of the casinos caught on and stopped me from playing. I was wondering if a provider could help me provide "cover" by sitting with me at the table and playing too.

The idea is that I would of course provide the buy-in, and my partner would only need to play the correct basic strategy, which could even be provided on a "cheat sheet" at the table. I'd be counting cards, so whenever I raise my bet amount in response to a favorable deck, my partner would do the same. The provider would keep, say, 50% of any profit she makes at the table, but would owe me absolutely nothing if she loses.

This would give a chance for a provider to make a lot more than her usual date rate, but with no risk. (I would want to do this at least at a $25 min bet table.) Obviously there is also the chance she would make nothing at the table, but perhaps the fun of playing + dinner (if desired) would be worth it to her. Any private time we spent after the playing session would be of course compensated at the provider's usual rate, regardless.

I'd only want to do this after I had one "regular" session with the provider, so that she can see I'm a legit client and that we have at least some chemistry. I just want to kinda suggest this to see if there would be any interest. If not, that's fine too, and I look forward to meeting some of you lovely ladies in Vegas.

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