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Posted 5/23/2012 at 11:07:18 AM

No matter in or out ........ Think about it .........

Do you think I prefer to lick skin or hair ?  ;-) ;-)
Would I prefer to feel your skin or your hairs ? ;-) ;-)
Do I enjoy getting hair balls stuck in my mouth or throat ?? ;-) ;-)

In the summer when you get hot and sweaty,  isn't it better if no bush ?? ;-) ;-)

Doesn't have to be totally bare , trimmed very short works too.
Some Manscaping is better then none.
If Manscaping is not an option , not the end of the world ............ as long as everything is fresh and clean .  

Sorry for the non sexy visuals , but you asked ;-) ;-);-)

xoxo CindySpice


Posted By: ezeedude123
pubic hair in or out......these days?

....on males?

no no no no no, it's not WHAT you pervs thinks

it's a personal grooming question....ok ?

ok ok ok ok kkkkkk k k k ?


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