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Re: its called Edging ... here is an example

Posted 5/20/2012 at 8:33:21 PM

Delay-Delay doesn't HAVE to be Edging  or  Tease & Denial in the form of Sub/Dom.
I LOVE to be in control. I have all the power and have also done and love Tease & Denial AKA Edging

Delay-Delay can  also be in a more sensual form like with Tantra.

"i lot of girls think if they can make a guy cum with their hands and/or mouth they are great "....

Your right , that is not Edging or Tease & Denial or Delay-  Delay  or Tantra.
That is just a HJ or BJ and just stoping a minute to start up again isn't true of any of the above.
It takes so so so  much more then that.
As a few have mentioned here , I have mastered this art.

No matter if in form of Sub/Dom or more Sensual ..........
Most of my clients chose not to be physically restrained , ....... but they still can't do anything about it..........
No matter what,  the power is all mine !! and they are under my control/spell ;-) ;-) ;-)

Dr. Spice in the house for all of that !! *wink wink*
xoxo CindySpice


what you are referring to is called Edging  or  Tease & Denial  there are many websites just on this technique  ..  i love it as well ..   and its wonderful when you are restrained and have a girl who really enjoys the power of controlling you ...   i will attach a video of someone famous for doing videos of that online .. her name is Klixen ... she isnt a provider just likes going HJ videos ...   but yes most of the top girls know this technique ..  

i lot of girls think if they can make a guy cum with their hands and/or mouth they are great .... but there is no trick to that and franking just jerking a guy off til he cums is both no great feet and frankly can even feel kinda hollow.    

If combined with post orgasm torture it can cross over into the BDSM world ... so up to you how far you want to take it ... but if you ever have a girl get you  THAT close and then stop while you are restrained and cant do anything about ... its a very unique intense sensation.  

So ask for Edging by its brand name ...accept no substitutions or coupons   :)    


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