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Posted 5/19/2012 at 3:34:53 PM

"Have any of you guys experienced this and how was it"

Not to brag , but almost every guy who has written a review about me has the answer to your questions ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-).......... and then some ;-) ;-)

How many licks does it take many reviews does it take to believe it is true *wink wink*

Special shout out to Ishootcraps for your love and support  ........ Your the best !!! Thank You.

xoxo CindySpice



Posted By: uandmeas1
I've read a couple of reviews about providers that will bring you to the edge orally and by HJ, slow down and then bring you back to the edge. One even talked about being able to perform this for most of the appointment. Being an older, one shot guy this sounds like a new and exciting way to a resounding finish that I would like to try. Have any of you guys experienced this and how was it. If it was as good as I think it must be do you have any recommendations that I should contact. LV is part of my territory and I visit here often so this seems like the right place to explore this fantasy of mine. I'll be back in LV June 9 & 10. PM me or post here what ever works for you.


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