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WOW!! great responses!!

Posted 5/11/2012 at 7:56:17 PM

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Thank you all (so far).  So what I gather, and my plan would/should be....

Pick 2-4 ladies that interest me and contact them with "general" details of what I am planning and what I am looking for.  Let them know that I am in the choosing process.  Then, about a week out, make a choice and let the ladies whom I have not chosen know that I have chosen to go another route.  THEN  contact an agency and get pre-screened and use that as my "plan B"...

Does this make sense to the ladies?  What do you guys think.

I love the anticipation and the "dance", but once again I want to be considerate of everyone's time and energy.   I think you have put me on a path that will not harm any inovlved parties.. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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