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Re: I wouldn't tip for that.

Posted 4/17/2012 at 11:44:31 AM


Posted By: bigvern
These valets are most likely to be male. I would guess you are a hot female. Now after the valet parks your car. He will probably get out, crouch down on his knees bury his face in your seat, and inhale as deep as he possibly can.

That's his tip right there, if he's real nice leave a pair of panties in the car for him.

I like the way you think! Now I am getting an idea on how to turn this thread around so that it is more relevant to the subject matter! Let's think of fun naughty ways I can keep the valet happy without having to have a wad of fives in my purse at all times. I was thinking of baking them cookies but maybe a flash of panties is a better idea.

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