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Re: Boston M&G - gauging interest

Posted 6/6/2012 at 11:41:48 PM

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Dear Ms. Lyons:
I was wondering if you consider being the current president of the Greater New England Providers association.  That way a you and a few good women could convene and coordinate functions for us and you would have a system for verification and a way to share information on us to expedite the verification process for commerce reasons as well. That way you would be known as the magnificent and munificent MarlaLyons. Also you can put your heads together and figure out which would be the most hobby friendly venues so that you wouldn't get harassed.  The board could consist of yourself and other providers from around the neighboring states so that you can get a handle on things from say Maine to Central Connecticut and beyond.  From time to time you can have a venue near or at foxwoods so that you can blend in and also have an excuse for meeting up as well or you can choose a small hotel with adjoining rooms too. Just a few thoughts.

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