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I've read your suggestions...........

Posted 5/25/2012 at 9:20:23 AM

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....................and will take them into consideration.

My reply to your post is this:
If you are concerned about me, please do your homework.
I can be researched as can most.
I'm not new, had many dates/posted reviews and gained the trust of some wonderful ladies.

My lack of presence here (board-wise) is absolutely intentional.
My safety/anonymity was/is my main concern.
I can assure all that the concern I have for myself will be transferred to this party and all attending can be assured of their safety/anonymity.
Anyone who is not on the current (screened) list will not be allowed entrance or access to the information provided in the Evite.
Any new guests will be thoroughly screened!
Beyond this, the choice is yours to attend.

Again, I invite all who wish to attend to do so; you will be greeted as a guest/friend.
And I would also ask that any/all prospective party venues/Evite info not be discussed.

Best regards,


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