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Update#2: 20+ ladies will be joining us 

Posted 5/23/2012 at 1:03:00 PM

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And over 25 lucky gents will be having the time of their lives, satisfying their carnal urge to indulge in this tasty and tempting atmosphere.  This location will be different than previous lunches, more cozy and intimate.

Here are the naughty hotties who will make the sangria taste oh-so-good:

Kate O'Conner
Eve McGuire
Faith Moore
Jewels Bresson
Ashley Shye
Aerial May
Goldie Knox
Morgan Taylor
Angelina Rossi
Carmen Foxx
Harlowe Dahl
Madame Patricia
Goddess Jezebel
Sweet Hot Ellen
Serena Rossi

5 ladies asked not to be named, so you'll have to find out in person.

If you haven't already received a confirmation, send me a PM or email (listed in the original post) to get you added.

One more week left. :)


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