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Wrigley rocks...
jbharley69 6 Reviews 21975 reads

outdoor baseball is awesome...domes suck.  Hockey kicks ass as pace and rough.

Angela-Petite25408 reads

I am glad to see a board with a sports section.
I love heading to a baseball or hockey game
in Chicago this time of the year.

jbharley6921976 reads

outdoor baseball is awesome...domes suck.  Hockey kicks ass as pace and rough.

I agree. I was on a trip to Fenway Park
to see the Redsox last year I had a wonderful
time.Manny was nuts though they kicked him off
for arguing a strike.

Yes Wriley does rock for daytime games but
I like comiskey which is now known as US
Cellular field.I wish they would have left the name Comiskey it has history... now it sounds like
the place you pick up a phone!


hiddenhills21915 reads

It's in Mesa, AZ, very cool, with a good hobby community in the Phoenix area. Come tour next spring.

Angela-Petite22118 reads

I've never been ! Thank you fo rthe invitation
I'd love to visit I have some friends in
some parts of AZ but have never visited
there myself. I think I fear the scorpians
and rattle snakes!

hiddenhills21998 reads

During spring training the weather is great, rattle snakes are still sleeping, they usually don't start appearing until April/ May. As far as the scorpions, they're around all the time.
Nothing you can do about them.

Sojourner719835 reads

You're right Angela...Comiskey is great. If the Cubs can do for Wrigley what the Red Sox did for Fenway, it will be much better. The field there is great, and you can't get closer to the players than at that place, but the stadium itself is deteriorating fast. On hot summer days it reeks of urine.  Nice

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