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How important is kissing ?

Posted 3/17/2002 at 10:05:07 PM

How important is kissing to you?  Now we're talking DFK here, not any of this quick hit barely touch the lips stuff (which is nice also, but...)  The ratings are:

Very Important - Don't go out with women who don't.

Important - If she's really hot I'll still go out, but otherwise...

Preferred - I really like to do it and it's a real plus on a date, but not everything.

Doesn't Matter - Self explainatory

Prefer Not To - I really dislike kissing, it's gross and disgusting and I don't know why anyone would want to do it.

Me?  I'll give it a strong PREFERRED (almost an important)!  It's a huge plus that I really enjoy.  

Last fall I had a date with a girl that I thought never kissed on first dates (this was our first) and supposedly not even after that.  We were laying on top of the bed talking and she rolled over and put her arm across me and kissed me on my cheek :-), then a small peck on my lips.  Soon she was laying on top of me sending me to the stars with wonderful kissing.  I'll never forget it (nor reveal who this wonderful Twin Cities lady was :-)

- Launce


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