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Re: A question of $$$$$...

Posted 5/15/2001 at 8:14:00 PM

I am not sure if there is a different with the service being on the other side and all. But as Lustman  to point out, it is about chemistry. It's wonderful to click in a way that I can feel comfortable with a guy. I love talking and hearing about other people's life's experiences ( I have even learned some new positions LOL!!!). We as providers, all have different rates for whatever reason. What I don't like is when someone puts me down because they can't afford it, therefore wants to make me feel bad. I didn't see the reply to my visit in New York on TBD last night, but another provider sent me a note letting me know what had happened and her retaliation on my behalf. Calling a girl a street whore and ridiculing her site on an open forum is where this internet stuff has gotten to and it sucks. I have a vision of this guy as a poor, pathetic looser who is most definately scared of women. Thank God for online anonyminity huh? But my point is that we are all different as providers, and you guys are different as hobbyists. We realize this in you, but it seems hard for some of you to realize this in us. Just my .02$ :)

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