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Re: 411 Bree olson
GiveTheBeaver 12493 reads

No escort is worth $3000 [per hour].  I would not go higher than $800 for anyone.  If I was it would be Bree.  That is if she delivered what she does in her porn performances, especially cum swallowing and that great nasty talk.

pressure467753 reads

What is her rate? Anybody with experience seeing her?

kennyblankenship4887 reads

Run a search for her.  There is a recent lengthy thread about Bree Olsen and her salacious tweets.

THROBQUEST5262 reads

Bree doesn't know that we have a recession yet, she still quotes $3000.00

GiveTheBeaver12494 reads

No escort is worth $3000 [per hour].  I would not go higher than $800 for anyone.  If I was it would be Bree.  That is if she delivered what she does in her porn performances, especially cum swallowing and that great nasty talk.

mace764527 reads

She probably charges that much, because she really doesn't want to do it, and that's the price it takes her to do it.

When she's ready, it will come down

creolepeppa3714 reads

or better yet she charges that much because she can and because her targeting clientel are not working stiffs but entertainers, and other high end execs, who again are paying for the "exclusivity" of the package.

She's not advertising to bang her average fans but some of you high end guys.

but the point is if you're not enjoying some added luxary of the exclusive visit, there's no point to pay that much.

i imagine though at $3,000 an hour it's an uninhibited hour that you're paying for and not one of those covered dolls...

i contacted a provider to inquire about rates for direct appointments. she responded with $1,000 per hour and I asked if she acccepted AIM test for an "authentic" PSE experience and she responded that everything would be covered.

what's the point then? if i'm going to pay those rates i expect that level of exclusivity and higher quality and safety of experience.

mrfrench3703 reads

First, let me say that I've talked with Bree in email.  When I asked her briefly at the Exxxotica Expo in '08, she said $1500.  Now, she's saying "it depends on $$$ and where I'm at".  So, until she's in my area and I get a better quote, that's the official story.  For what it's worth, I've tried to get a response from her for over a year and this is the first response I've gotten from her.

As for covered vs uncovered, and prices, these subjects have been hashed and rehashed repeatedly in various places.  Just as with any other escort, each pornstar will set her own prices, her own rules, and decide which activities she will do with whom and under what circumstances.  If you don't like what she has to say, go elsewhere for your pleasure.  

Uncovered services CAN be had, with tests, with some pornstar escorts and not with others. With some, you might have to be a regular client, with others it may not matter.  With some pornstars, there's an extra charge for it, for others there isn't.   And just because she does it with me doesn't mean she'll do it with you.  Some pornstars are open about it, some aren't.  Some would be highly offended by the request and will tell you to get lost in no uncertain terms and a lot less politely.

Finally, and I CANNOT stress this enough:  be clean, be sober, be courteous, be respectful, treat them like friends you're going on a date with, and you'll get a lot further and get a lot more out of the experience, than if you treat them like whores and expect or demand certain activities for your money.

simmonse413398 reads

You guys amaze me. Have you seen recent pictures of her. Her face is noticeably cherub like. She is NOT as hot as she used to be, and certainly not worth 3,000 bucks. Please.

pressure463620 reads

She responded to my inquiry with a quote of $4K for an hour.....

Needless to say I responded that that was well beyond my budget. I suspect that it is a pricing strategy of someone who really doesn't want to do it.

iggypopit5086 reads

Wow- she is touring as a dancer the week after Thanksgiving, appearing in Atlanta strip club. I was at the club (after business meetings) that was advertising her- would have liked to (at least) seen her in person.

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