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Same old playbook

Posted 3/15/2002 at 3:40:11 AM

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It's fascinating, really, you and TBD must have been separated at birth. And add Daddy Warbucks to the mix. You all fall back on the same tired old B.S. - that anyone who is persistant in disagreeing with you, and who refuses to be shouted down, really needs to relax and take it easy.

I'm sure you would like that, so that you an your ilk can go on trampling anyone you don't happen to like, as your buddy TBD did recently here in Minnesota.

FYI, I HAVE seen a Lady, quite recently in fact :-). I have also seen a few movies. I have recently shoveled a bunch of snow, which I'm told is good for the soul. My doctor tells me I am not "infested" with anything in particular; in fact, the only infestation I am aware of is one of the Minnesota hobby community by outsiders.

If you would take your out-of-towner crap back out of town where it belongs, things would quiet down right away. Of course, they would quiet WAY down over on the TBD Board, which is of course why you infest us in the first place, in a pathetic attempt to generate the appearance of some activity there.

I did and will continue to campaign to keep business away from any Board that is used as a weapon by outsiders against the people of this community. I neither deny that, nor apologize for it, and all your browbeating will only encourage me to redouble my efforts. And as for rehashing the old ... when the evidence has been deleted, and outsiders come in denying or minimizing what was done, then yes, I will happily rehash it.

I will repeat: TBD, you, and the rest of his cronies obviously have so much mean spirit that you are able to export it to Minnesota. Any meanness in my spirit pales by comparison.

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