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ED meds
budwiser 23271 reads

Not looking for real medical advice here.  Just wondering if anyone has tried different meds and noticed any variation of effects, other than duration.

Courtside20096 reads

I've used Levitra and Viagra-Doctor keeps pushing Levitra-It is fine-I liked Viagra better but his concern are more severe possible effects.  I have only experienced stuffiness, you can tell when it starts to kick in as you begin to feel flushed and in my case it causes some redness in the ears and face.  But..............Who cares ??????????!

phi68psi20109 reads

This could be a long reply.  I've used all three in the course of the last four years.  I like Levitra best for short time periods.  Cialis best for long time periods. As expected.  No surprise there.  Levitra and Viagra are in the same chemical class.  For me Levitra seems best and overall Levitra is the most reliable and predictable for me.  Cialis is slightly different.  I get a better boner with Levitra but I think Cialis for me has a more natural feel and the cum feels more natural.  Very subtle.  But I sometimes have failures with Cialis.  Levitra is always there.  I call it "learning to trust Levitra."  I think it is a matter of personal response. I had flushing at first with Levitra but I no longer do.  I am so glad I live in the 21st century.

phi68psi18997 reads

I just spent a wonderful 3 day weekend dropping a Cialis at 6 pm Friday and 6 pm Saturday.  Nice drug.

winchester 121475 reads

Has anyone had any experience-good-bad-or indifferent with Generic Levitra ?  I notice it is about one third the price of regular Levitra-I just received a prescription from my Urologist and it is written for either-They seem to be the same.  Thanks!

curt2322259 reads

I ordered a batch of generic levitra this past February and it works fine

phi68psi23810 reads

I presume what you are buying is knock off Indian produced versions of Levitra through an online source.  I believe that Bayer still holds the patent.  Not sure how I feel about this.

winchester 120981 reads

Doctor wrote a 'script for me which can be either generic or brand name-I therefore presume it to be availble at ie:  Walgreen Pharmacy, etc....  Not an online order.

budwiser21679 reads

to hell with the dancing and two bathtubs.  "Levitra - for a better boner."  Got to love it.

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