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Darlin, you've been so helpful...

Posted 3/4/2012 at 10:01:13 PM

... but there's only so much either of us can do.  I had Eros, P411, RS2K and TER ads up (not to mention your Evite) to the same effect and yet there were crickets for several weeks followed by a flurry of T-24hrs interest for this shindig.  I simply don't operate in such a slap-dash-haphazard way.  At some point the gents who have seen my ads for several weeks and but failed to act until less than 24hrs before the event need to understand what (and when it) is needed and behave accordingly if they want to have the results they say they do. ;-)

Now, I've been advertising my next regular Chicago trip for over 3 weeks (and it's not for several months yet) and that trip is about 75% booked.  How interesting that a regular trip is nearly booked several months out but a one day only (and only if I'm booked for it) visit has this sort of response.  

Perhaps the M&G crowd simply isn't my market.... ;-)  It's perfectly ok if that's the case - just be nice to know!

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