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Hmmmm. I expected something more sharp and edgy.

Posted 5/4/2012 at 8:53:43 AM

Better luck next time trying to shiv the gold from my self made throne. Haha! Kidding it was a good shot so chin up and always know every day brings another chance to try and annoy someone.  Ya got spirit sport-keep up the good work!



Posted By: KissMyAuraDora
well know....admin came back & edited Tabu's ad on this thread as well as my original post pointing out her ad, so my post above now is a bit out of context because that was in response to another post taken down by admin of Tabu "feigning" surprise by her ad on this regional board.

& of course mac who set up Tabu's ad like a good SHILL boy does enjoyed your post being a WK SHILL that he is. Hope you get your discount promised by Tabu

Now don't forget to get back on those med Giselle to even out your moods.


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