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Posted 4/3/2001 at 2:18:00 AM

be applied much more often to one's own partner before the passion dies. I think it would be very difficult to rekindle the flames after they are extinguished. My SO and I, after 30 years and two kids, still make weekly "dates" to see each other(in our college days it used to be daily dates). We treat EVERY single holiday(including New Years, July 4, Labor day, etc.)as a very very special occasion. The benefit of all this is the passion still lives! The downside is just about every experience I have had with other ladies is a disappointment. However, that has never stopped me to try and find that someone who can equal the pleasure that I receive from her. I guess I always have been turned on by a challenge, whether it be mountain climbing or seeing if someone can give me better head. The both of us have always been wanderers, and that will probably continue to go on for a while longer. In some weird way it helps us appreciate each other that much more. I guess we have always believed in the Crosby, Stills and Nash lyrics of "love the one your with."

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