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Get over yourselves

Posted 4/1/2001 at 7:29:00 AM

This line about "frequenting transexuals and then visiting providers who give BBBJ" smacks of ignorance and naivety.  I bet you believed every gal that told you she was a virgin too, right?The providers are more than aware of the risks they are taking.  Are you?  Have you studied the numbers enough to exactly know the risks, or are you basing your opinions on anecdotal evidence? (I'm guessing it's the latter)The bottom line is that in a large majority of cases, your provider is going to be having far more exposure to STDs than you are.  It is up to *you* to be safe, even if the provider is willing to do things that aren't so safe.And once again, we have somebody focusing on HIV again.  You aren't at that much risk catching HIV from taking cum in your mouth, swallowing it or not.  Can you?  Sure.  You can also die from a lightning strike hitting you as you porking the gal, too.  Your risk of getting chlamydia or gonnorhea is of FAR more concern, from any BBBJ action (cum in the mouth or not).

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