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Senor Panocha is a former student of Zorro gone bad, or should I say mad?... 

Posted 7/8/2003 at 9:37:37 AM

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Senor Panocha is actually a pretty cool dude that listened to my advice three years ago and who has taken it beyond levels that I ever have, largely thanks to the fact that he is in San Diego and commuting to TJ is no big deal.

He is probably just pissed off that he has been banned from TER, but I must say that he is one of the few guys initially that had the balls to support me when so many others bashed me.  Sure, now that people know that I am not full of shit with my TJ and San Gabriel Valley AMP recommendations, I have my large share of supporters, but back then all I had was my big fucking mouth.

Senor Panocha has successfully done what ABeautifulMind is attempting to do right now, and he has been doing it for years.  For that he deserves some major credit.

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