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How about DT CID (Come in Deep?). Coming to Vegas...
slider34z 1 Reviews 2524 reads

DT has been asked (and I finally found someone that did GREAT on me).  So DT has been asked but I want to find someone that can take a DT session (to the hilt, average size here) then CID WS balls deep until I'm finished?

So is that out there?  I find as I don't hobby very often I try to find specific things to keep me excited and this is another I haven't done.  

So any advice?

Priapus531053 reads

some will be "pissed off" about that.

There's always the Urologist's office, tho----:(

A`1085 reads

I am so confused Sir can you please clarify........

If I am not mistaken references to CID=cum in deep....which may lead someone to thinking you are asking for bareback full service sex.

WS???? without swallowing......without spit......white saint.......with silk......wet shit?????

Take it all without spilling a drop.  Says it in MOST of her reviews as she loves it.  Other than her I know of very few who will do more than just play with it.

johngaltnh807 reads

He wants deep throat, cumming while he is driven in deep, with swallow.

slider34z781 reads

He's exactly right.  Sorry I couldn't say it that way (no reason why I just didn't)

Thank you John for the translation it is so helpful for those who might be candidates.

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