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Here is my theory

Posted 7/8/2011 at 3:12:19 AM

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Much of the "folk wisdom" that had been passed down from mother to daughter over the ages has been lost since WWII.

After many of the younger generations of women went to work during the war, then off to college in the 50s, and then to traditionally male jobs after the 1964 Civil Rights Act, mothers no longer felt that there was anything of value for them to pass on to daughters who had more formal education than the mother did.

Here's an example:  About 10 years ago I interviewed a distant cousin who had been born around 1910.  She told me that her mother had told her that since her husband liked to fish, she had better learn to go fishing if she wanted to spend time with him.

How often do you think such "wisdom" is being imparted to the young women of today?

It is no surprise that the liberated and high profile wives of Clinton, Edwards, and Schwarzenegger have found their husbands seeking sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Books could be (and probably have been) written on the subject.  That's my "thought in a nutshell".

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