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Jayden says: "90% or porn actresses are escorts . . ." 

Posted 4/13/2009 at 7:23:29 AM

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I once read -- and have come to believe -- that every GREAT novel or movie, from Huck Finn to Star Wars, is, at its core, about the same exact theme:  ESCAPE.

Jayden actually gives a very quotable interview, with additional insights that should be of interest to this Board:

"[M]ost of the girls (I'd say 90%) are escorts. They're worse than the guys. They're just dirty. Girls are doing guys outside the biz that aren't tested, without condoms, because they were offered a couple hundred bucks, and that spread diseases . . . !  This industry is a bunch of fucking hookers trying to legitimize themselves by doing it on camera.

"I'm not at lame porn parties, getting drunk, doing blow, hooking up in the bathroom and getting caught up in the drama like the rest."


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