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Re:Financial Subterfuge for married men

Posted 7/9/2002 at 3:16:51 AM

thanks for the confirmation. I guess the only real way for me is skimming extra money from ATM withdrawals into a "nooky fund". Seems like that could take a while with the going rates for escorts. I also need to get into the habit of cashing payroll checks instead of direct-depositing them when I'm working.

It's going to be a tough road though since I work for the studios in LA as a computer animator. There's no work at the moment so I'm living off our savings. The next big film is likely to be in the Sept/Oct time frame. The irony is that now I have the time and probably the money for the hobby but can't easily be screened, but when I'm working on a film, I don't have the time due to the long hours but could easily be verified.

So, I do foresee some other problems beyond getting the cash like the screening process. I wonder if the escort ladies would accept a reference from my regular masseuse(s)? It's an established parlour, not a fly-by-night. I've been a regular at the same place for about 2.5 years, so that might count for something. Who knows.

However, I think I can certainly have more success if I stick within the Vietnamese massage/escort community since I'm a regular with them and trusted. I'd like to escalate the services to something more intimate and I had a recent experience that leads me to believe I will be able to do this. The viet girls seem like are a pretty tight community, AFAIK, so I will probably have less hassle in that regard with referrals within their circles.

As far as my TRE membership, I paid with IBILL and I believe that makes it a pretty nondescript line item which I can easily explain. My wife is mostly worried about credit card fraud and bogus charges, like a good accountant. She's not so much checking on me for clandestine activity, I hope.

thanks again for the helpful suggestions.

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