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Re: Candy apple girls is the name of that agency,the number is linked to them. 

Posted 6/29/2010 at 3:19:51 AM

Example: I used Tineye, and three of the Eros girls are former Playboy models, and two were girls on the covers of porn sites.
   Its better to review the girls on this site, the membership cost is more than worth it, as yhou will avoid the scammer and agency girls.
   Some girls who are usually available, and in different categories, try April Luv, Gia (all 3 of them), Sharon/Tricia, Lacey, Karen Lynn (my atd, 36ddd,702-612-3929), Dona, Monique, Krystal 702.  Of course, these are the ones I know, and I will get lashes with a wet noodle, for all the great ones Im leaving out.

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