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Just a hint of what goes on..... 

Posted 7/28/2009 at 11:07:56 PM

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This is what I posted on another forum related to my first FKK visit

My first Oase trip
Actually my first visit to any FKK club. I discovered the FKK phenomenon recently while researching amusing things to do while on an extended visit to Germany. After churning through many posting and websites I found this forum and was fascinated by the stores related and compelled to give it a try. I did wonder though whether at well into my 50s I was a little old for multi-session day.

I rolled into Oase on Sunday around 2 and on arriving I was a little surprised to see very few men in the club and not a particular warm welcome from the staff. A brief rundown. No tour. Basically on my own but I figured it out even speaking basically no German.

I ensconced myself at the bar to take the recommended newbie recon of who was doing what and to make a good selection for my first encounter. I had no sooner ordered a cola light when a Columbian girl (name? ) with large natural tits and a lovely ass was rubbing all over me and chatting me up. As the afternoon wore on I became better at deflecting approaches when I wasn’t ready or not interested but of course I found myself in the Kino within 5 minutes with her and then of course she started blowing me and in another 10 minutes we were back in a room. She was sexy, I was horny and I was done very soon – CIM – pay the girl then off to shower – back to my spot a few more colas and a steady stream of suitors stopping by. One that was I found interesting was Lucia who says she is Italian – I told her to come look me up after I rested.

I dropped my guard after a while and found myself with a Cuban girl sucking me in the Kino. She was an aggressive kisser which I really liked, she sucked me some more. We fucked and 50 euros latter I was back in the shower.

I then decided to use some of the other facilities – took a sauna and a steam, ate a little – took a short nap – I heard a voice and woke up to Lucia’s cute shaved pussy right before my eyes. It didn’t take her long to convince me that it was time to head to the zimmer. She took me to her favorite one – big one with 2 elevated beds and plenty of mirrors of course. Lucia is a blonde and very petite with nice little body – just perfect – B tits and a perfect ass. We talked about what I wanted – everything was on the menu including anal. We agreed to a CIM. She gave me some excellent head I reciprocated with some DATY – had to get a taste of that perfect little bare slit. But before too long my energy gave out and we ended what could have been an enjoyable longer session with a CIM finish and I decided to call it a day.

All in all I found the experience fun – I love all of the naked women sitting around, in the showers and saunas – my relative nudity didn’t bother me. I think it would be more fun if I spoke German or was a regular so that I could have had some conversations. I will be back – may hit a couple of other clubs like Flamingo or maybe Palace over the next couple of weeks – but for sure back to Oase.

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