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Update: More than 35 ladies are coming for lunch. How about you?

Posted 5/27/2012 at 9:53:09 PM

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With over 40 guys primed and ready!  With a few more, I might make it a perfect 1:1 event. :)

Here are the lunch ladies:

Aerial May
Angelina Rossi
Anita Cannibal
Annabella Lee
Ashley Shye
Carmen Foxx
Carmen Lee
Cecilia Smitten
Eden Sin
Ellen (sweethotellen)
Eve McGuire
Faith Moore
Franchesca Dorian
Freya Fantasia
Ginger Spice
Goddess Jezebel
Goldie Knox
Harlowe Dahl
Heidi (cutecaliblonde)
Jewels Bresson
Kate O'Conner
Katniss Ferrari
Kristina Larson
Little Jeane
Madame Patricia
Morgan Taylor
Nathalie Harper
Shiloh Steven
Slater Lynn

8 ladies have asked not to be named or have yet to confirm.  As with any party, the attendance will vary.

Ladies: If you have emailed or PM me, but have yet to receive a confirmation, please contact me right away.  The date is nearing and I will have to close up the registration soon.

Guys: I know you are interested in a lady on the list.  This is your chance to get some talk time while enjoying a delicious lunch.  Register now or wait until the next M&G party.


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