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Reviews are always subjective... no one can get into another's head

Posted 6/14/2012 at 6:55:50 AM

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to re-think their experience.  A lot depends on expectations.  
That said, it has been my personal experience, in the more affordable price points (where the budget minded must be)...  the hotter the girl, the more she can attract enough clients for her business model with only lackluster efforts.  
What you expect or desire may be different than me!  What you need to look for is are her pictures real & currant?  Is she running a scam or ripoff?  Does she deliever services as promised?  Real the reviews to see if she delivers the services YOU want?  After that, it's an individual matter.  Chemistry is never guarenteed.  

I don't click with every one I see.  I just want to know these things before I walk in the door.

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