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Thanks, Staff; and welcome The Lawyer! (eom)
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I would like to giva a warm TER welcome and personal thanks to "TheLawyer" for donating his time to the cause.

The legal corner is sponsored by a local, experienced criminal defenses attorney  who has defended clients charged in a wide variety of matters: from homicide to trespassing, our attorney has practiced in every courthouse in Los Angeles County (except, Catalina Island) and in almost every county in the State of California.  

Within the last year, his criminal defense practice has taken them to courts in New York, Texas, Michigan, Nebraska and Georgia and Florida.  Having attended Pepperdine University and continuing higher education at Oxford University in England with emphasis on criminal defense he is well versed in criminal defense.  

He has agreed to volunteer his time to answer any legal questions you may have.

-- Staff

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We're so happy to have you here.  Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise to help us all.

Thank you, Staff, for bringing us this fabulous forum.


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Thanks, STAFF, for bringing this forum on board.  And a special thanks also to TheLawyer for vounteering his (her?) time to helping us all.

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