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Advice for New Providers: Ad Photos

Posted 6/11/2012 at 12:22:11 PM

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Ladies, to be successful in any business, clients must be obtained.  To obtain clients takes proper marketing.  For providers, advertising is essential.  This advertising includes photographs of yourself.  After all, men are attracted to visuals.  

When choosing which photographs of yourself to use in your ad, please remember that it not only matters what you look like in the photograph, but what everything else in the photograph looks like.  I'm talking about the background/location.  Yes, guys do notice such things, and the wrong background/location can prevent an otherwise interested guy from making the call to you.

The photograph below contains three examples of horribly wrong backgrounds/locations.  I took these photographs from actual ads that ran on a popular ad web site.  I have hidden the girls' faces to save them eternal embarrassment.  (Can you believe that all three of the below photographs came from ads stating that incall was available?)

Look at the lovely lady in the upper left hand corner.  Now look to the left of her, where I've spot lighted and added an arrow.  The remains of last night's dinner are still on the kitchen table!  (And not a very nutritious dinner at that.)  Please take some time and clean up the area in which the photographs will be taken.  Having the remains of the last meal still on the dinner table may lead someone to believe that the girl has a lackadaisical attitude regarding cleanliness.  We could then conclude that she might not practice proper hygiene when it comes to her anatomy.  (Gross!)

Now look at the sexy siren in the upper right hand corner.  The bathroom, standing in front of the toilet?  Really?  Oh, please!  Is that the best location you could find to take a picture?  I can't think of anything less appealing than a picture of a toilet.  If the bathroom is the only place in the house suitable for photographs, the rest of the house must be an absolute mess.  Looking at the photo, the bathroom is an absolute mess also.  The same thoughts regarding cleanliness come to mind with this girl as with the last girl.

Finally, check out the comely cutie at the bottom.  Look at the bed she's sitting on.  Nothing says meth addict quite like a mattress with no sheets or comforter.  Hasn't she seen the T.V. show Intervention?  Doesn't she know that all meth addicts sleep (amongst other things) on mattresses with no sheets or comforter?  Doesn't she realize that the mattress can get stains on it?  I wouldn't go anywhere near that mattress or that girl.  (They probably both have bedbugs.)  

Remember ladies, a picture tells a thousand stories.  Make sure the story it tells about you is a good one.


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