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Posted 6/9/2012 at 4:12:29 AM

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1) If an indy gal is well-reviewed it means it's unlikely she is LE herself.  Of course, she could have been busted and flipped, but that's very rare.  Also, independents are much less likely to be busted.  LE is focused on busting agencies and massage parlors because they get more bang for their buck.  Still, this is not a risk-free game.
2)  Most incalls are not permanently-fixed locations, like an apartment.  They are generally hotel rooms.  And if a gal is staying in a city for an extended period, she'll probably switch hotels for security.  I have been to many gal's apartments, however, and they can be quite safe as long as the gal is discreet.  In many such cases, the gal is low volume and sees only a few guys a week.  It's not like there's a turnstile outside her door.

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