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It pays to be assertive in certain situations.

Posted 6/7/2012 at 10:32:22 AM

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I know it's hard as a newb, but you have to speak up in certain situations. Learning how to finesse the start of the adult activities takes a little time and practice. Also reading the juicy details of the reviews help. Some escorts will rip your clothes off you the minute the door is closed and locked, others will talk to you for 45 minutes when you have an hour appt. With good research you should be able to figure out which providers are talkers and which ones are doers.  If you're to cheap to have a vip membership look for terms in the general part of the review like "eat your wheaties"  or "bring your A game" or she's "a toe curler" or "take your vitamins".  Those phrases usually mean she's going to fuck your brains out.  
Good luck!

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