Finally a rimjob board. Thank you, Jesus. eom
Fair_Use 29 Reviews 34041 reads


Is this a geographically based board or is it intended for all those heated K-girl discussions?

ChingChangChong33699 reads

This must be the place

milatequila31777 reads

so many things are easier with chop stickx!

Master-Po35048 reads

So K-Girl discussions can be placed here. This place was thought up long before a few providers started complaining about the K-Girl competition in LA.

To be sure, there is now a lot of room on the LA Board, so how about if I make a K-Girl post a day for the next few days. If they get moved here, we will have a definitive answer.

You just bring out the best in me Edrienne :)

Lover4331071 reads

How about Korea itself? There is not much info on the situation in Korea itself.

pedxing29957 reads

Asia is a huge continent!

larry19830169 reads

this is second post...dont know where the first one went....

again, i take offense to many of  the posts here....

i can't believe that mod would allow this sort of blatant racism.

if equivalent comments regarding other races, i.e. black, were posted  then certainly all hell would have broken loose by now.  

very very offensive, and i still am shocked that these posts have not been erased....

do your job mod.

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