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Thank you...My concern remains: I belong to RS2K and I'll try to answer your question....

Posted 5/30/2012 at 9:39:37 PM

Thank you...blaze81

My concern does not lie with rs2k having all my info...but i don't want that out to the provider

why:  because you could google that...use a database search and get alot of information about a person say via intelius for example

RS2K having all my info to screen is cool...because they dispose of it properly

It's just why the redundancy and potential privacy risk... why not a unique code akin to p411...
this way it is a win-win situation for both provider an customer

I grant out there needs to be due diligence on our part in researching the provider but info in this age is the medium to unlocking alot more

i guess bottom line is this a risk with rs2k as suppose to the others one is p411 just as good and respected??? i heard some provider say no


Posted By: Blaze81
Since you mention you are Chicago based, I would recommend RS2K.

Now....I don't understand why you are concerned about giving out your name and city and state? It's just part of the screening process. Remember this, don't consider or see girls who you may view as "Shady".

The "Individual" who runs RS2K is one of the best, and runs it in a very professional matter. You really have nothing to be worried about. As a newbie, I know it's a lot to gather and comprehend, but be discreet and smart and you'll be just fine.

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