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Agency/BP mentality. This is the very reason I did away with putting a phone

Posted 5/29/2012 at 9:19:43 AM

number on the net. I don't do "right now, late night" appointments and never will. You cannot screen someone in a short amount of time unless his refs are like me and respond asap...period! The ONLY other way to do that would be to call him at his office and verify employment and that is not happening at 2 a.m.  His voicemail proves not a damn thing.

I agree it is a buyer's market, and I do lose business for requiring 24 hours notice, but I don't much care. I simply pass those guys on to women I know are available on such short notice because they have no life. Every provider I am in close contact with either has another job or a child to take into account.

For guys who want the "right now" calls, that is why agencies were invented. Plenty of BP girls are as well. To clarify, I do use BP but I don't change my screening or rates to accommodate those who can't read.

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