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Posted 5/26/2012 at 4:45:48 AM

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1).  Another vote for no music

2).  I'm not that well versed in computer technology. Gallery should include photos that message who you are. They don't have to be too explicitly revealing, it's ok to leave things to our imagination, but they should show enough of you to assure that there is a physical attraction. Thumbnails should open to larger photos and it should be both easy and obvious to move from one picture to the next in the gallery.

3). I do not find a gift page offensive at all. When tastefully done, it gives an additional glimpse into your personality, what you value, what's important to you.

4). I do read blogs. They are probably a pain to maintain on a regular basis so I don't see this as a particularly critical aspect of your website but once again, a blog is a window into a personality and that is important for me to gauge in anticipation of requesting a date.

5). For me a website that is iPhone friendly is an  advantage!

Hope this is helpful.


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