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A Little Knowledge is a Danerous Thing

Posted 5/22/2012 at 7:02:25 PM

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1.  Your Mac address is the serial number of your computer for all practical purposes
2.  Your IP address is almost NEVER a constant, even in your own home it CAN change.

The odds of an overseas ISP having the same IP address as a hobbyist, logging into TER, and being detected are small - larger if you are staying in the same hotel  as the hobbyist, larger still if you are staying in that hotel for a long period of time (the  IP's can recycle in as few as 24 hours).

However as someone who travels internationally extensively, I can tell you that first, TER is aware of "roving" members and doesn't give a crap.  Second, I've yet to be blocked from TER as an "adult" site on any public wi-fi, from Singapore to Moscow to Malaysia to Argentina.  Unless you're a hobbyist trying to post a review from a providers "legacy" IP address, TER isn't really going to care.

Lastly as to the "internal" Mac address - recognize the obvious.  Different computers have different mac addresses.  Use a $200 laptop when you roam and your regular pc at home.


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