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From my experience

Posted 5/22/2012 at 7:12:23 AM

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which is around 30 escorts, and thus is not statistically accurate (you need 1000 or more), I have found:

1. A correlation between location and price.  Escorts charge more per hour in Las Vegas and New York City.  The are far less expensive in the hinterland.

2. A correlation between looks and price.  If she is drop dead gorgeous, she can charge more.  If she and Quasimodo are brother and sister, the price tends to be lower.

3. A correlation between age and price.  As escorts get older, they tend to charge less.  Not always true, but on the average.

4.  Absolutely no correlation between performance and price.  Now I haven't had a $5,000 an hour lady, but I have had several under $300 that rocked my world.  

Each lady sets her own pricing.  A review of the reviews, and a bit of homework will help.


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