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Re: A few points

Posted 5/21/2012 at 6:43:33 AM

The Moose
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"extra dough will get condom-free fun.  Frankly, these women should be avoided".

That is a rather self-righteous reply from you, Mr. French...Who are you to put on a judge's robe and pontificate such a holier than thou attitude...This lifestlye is not little league, it is an ADULT lifestyle, and people are able to make the choices they see fit....And while i didn't attend Harvard or Yale, I'm quite capable of making those decisions...I'm just not sure why people like yourself feel non-condom is an industry only privilege, where do you come up with this stuff, it's quite mind boggling...I spend the time and money to test, once missed a USC game as i needed to pick up a paper copy of test (this was before tests could be emailed)...Having access to Air Force I is a special privilege, joining Augusta Golf Club is a privilege, being a member of Yale's Skull & Bones is a privilege, BB sex is NOT some unique, members only privilege..

To each his own, but i simply cannot stand when people get on a high horse and preach the lifestyle gospel...


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