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Re: seriously YES, .........and who got rid of sadaam ?

Posted 2/28/2012 at 2:35:00 PM

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You need to pay attention the the news.

Who got rid of Sadaam?  It was done under the Bush administration. However I give the US military credit for it not Bush. Just as I give the Navy Seals credit for killing bin laden.

When the military/generals asked for 40k troops for the surge obama took about 6 months to decide and only approved 30k troop. Has obama not been indecisive and given the Generals the 40k troops when they wanted them  the situation there may very well be much better than it is now.

His apology is WEEKNESS not diplomacy.

Also why has he not at least made a statement and  expressed outrage about the men who were murdered, execution style?  
Murdered by people who were supposed to be on our side.

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