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Few excuses!

Posted 4/11/2012 at 10:10:12 PM

I'm so sorry that you have had this experience.  I wish that more in our industry were truly "professionals".  The only time my word didn't hold true for appts. that were prebooked was when I had unexpected emergency surgery 19 months ago.  And even THEN- as soon as the surgery was over I was on the phone explaining that appts would need to be cancelled- some as far away as 3 weeks after the surgery.  I didn't want to leave anyone in the lerch at the last minute!

I don't understand running an hour late.  That sounds to me like just fitting in "one more" booking- and isn't right.  If you have an appt.- THAT is your appt time.  No one else gets it.  I agree with you.  There are few professions that demand as much as we do.

For the money we make we should, in my opinion
1. Be on time
2. Be on our game
3. Look AMAZING- hair, nails, make-up, lingerie or apparel that the gent has requested, things that need to be shaved should be SMOOTH!  (Ughhhhhh.... one of my personal pet peeves- I've done 3 somes with other providers, and the kitty is full of stubble!  NO EXCUSE!  Wax it, shave it, lazer it- but stubble is jusst gross!  Same with the legs and underarms!  For God's sake- this is your JOB!  Be on top of it!)

That's just my opinion!

If you were a flight attendant, you wouldn't show up 1/2 an hour after the plane departs, without your uniform, hair a mess and no make up on!  Shaving should be part of your uniform- and showing up late should leave you without "the job".


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