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No Hard Set "Rules"

Posted 4/18/2012 at 11:32:47 AM

Hey Davidwu,

Judging from the comments in here, there are no hard set "rules" when it comes to scheduling appointments.

That's why I stick with my ATF for most of my appointments. If by chance that my ATF is not available for whatever reason, then I'll find another provider who may be available. If suddenly my ATF becomes available, I still honor the other provider since I've already scheduled the time with her. My ATF understands this completely and she's cool about it.

So, it's still your call on who you want to see and who to cancel. If you give the provider, that you are planning to cancel on her, plenty of time, I doubt that there will be any issues in the future.

Providers know that cancellations are part of the business and part of life as well. I've had providers cancel on me due to their life situations. I don't hold it against them. The only ones that I may not like are the cancellations that occur 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting. Not a real cool to do, but hey, I moved on.



Posted By: davidwu4567
I only spent 3 minutes to search for the board rules, and couldn't find it - so if it is illegal to do so - please don't post this message :)


okay, I am in a little bit of dilemma here, I have scheduled an appointment with Pink (CityGirls) for this Friday and yesterday I found out that Taylur is available in Dayton (which is about an hour drive from Columbus) this week till Friday.. what should I do? Should I see them both or cancel Pink?

I don't know if would enjoy back to back hobbying.. I could probably see Taylur on Saturday.. suggestion?


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