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Re: Best Option

Posted 4/17/2012 at 8:17:20 PM

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Actually both of them are in an agency.. but good point nonetheless.. thanks


Posted By: serpius

If I were in your shoes...

I would cancel Pink only because she's part of an agency, therefore, it would be easier for an agency to replace your time slot.

I'd go with Taylur. You can always schedule Pink another day and time.



Posted By: davidwu4567
I only spent 3 minutes to search for the board rules, and couldn't find it - so if it is illegal to do so - please don't post this message :)


okay, I am in a little bit of dilemma here, I have scheduled an appointment with Pink (CityGirls) for this Friday and yesterday I found out that Taylur is available in Dayton (which is about an hour drive from Columbus) this week till Friday.. what should I do? Should I see them both or cancel Pink?

I don't know if would enjoy back to back hobbying.. I could probably see Taylur on Saturday.. suggestion?


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