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Jay Leno said Dems on his show are uptight where Reps like Bush were at ease .EOM

Posted 4/23/2012 at 11:28:33 PM


Posted By: Priapus53
If one wants to use this board as microcosm, then that certainly applies. SOME righties on this board take the posts FAR too seriously, are overly sensitive & would cringe at the thought of
self-deprecating humor. But since they practice Social Darwinist/survival of the fittest/Ayn Rand
philosophies, a sense of humor would be considered a liability/weakness for these would-be Niestzchean "ubermenches".

The fact that righties can be humorless tight-asses can be illustrated by the amazing dearth of right-wing comedians out there. Besides Dennis Miller & PJ O' Rourke, can anyone name any conservative comedians ?

Lastly, my advice for conservative board sourpusses : talk to your Dr. about recommending a good laxative------;)

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