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Re: Why TJ? GFE sessions & No LE problems 

Posted 1/31/2012 at 3:26:31 PM

I agree 100%. You just about fall in love with the TJH  I have to get back there soon  lmao..


Posted By: Burt2010


Posted By: robert32343
Why would anyone pay 130.00  dollars in TJ for girls. Just stay home and use any service near you.

My experience is the service provided by TJ escorts is way superior to that provided by US escorts.

TJ escorts almost always have provided me GFE sessions.  Not the case in the US.
In TJ I've never had a "dance and dash" experience.  I have in the US.
In TJ the session doesn't end with your first "pop."  Unlike the US.

Prostitution is legal in TJ, but not the US.  No risk of getting arrested, having to register as a sex offender, having your boss, friends, wife,etc. after you've been arrested.    


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