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Re: Scams for all to be wary of...

Posted 5/11/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

That's a good list of scams. If one is afraid of getting burned, then one should not play with fire. It's about choices and repercussions.


Posted By: harbor_view
There are good providers on every ad site...  and scammers...  TER exists to help sort them out.  And I thank all the wonderful ladies who provide honest services to brighten our days.
Just so the Newbies know some of the scams, here's a few we gathered previously.  Feel free to add more if you know of any.

Bait & Switch...  ads with pictures not her own or seriously out of date or sends another provider

Runner or 'cash & dash'  Grabs the cash & bolts for the door.

Runner or 'take off' After recieving the cash, announces she left the condoms in the car, goes out to get them & runs.  

Runner:  After recieving cash, does not have condoms, you drive her to the store, she runs...

Runner After recieving cash, does not have condoms, you drive her to the store, you wait outside, she tells the clerk a story (coersion, pressure etc) is let out another door...  she runs...  

She promises/implies services which are withdrawn from menu after payment.  (This refers mainly to large scale changes)

The switchero  First review BBBJ, later customers CBJ.

Reviewed:  Link to TER or other reviews.  Take he time to read the reviews.  Existance of reviews does not mean they are good reviews!  

Up sell:  She collects payment & suddenly services are extra cost.

The Banker:  Asks for cash advances or loans, sometimes to be worked off or repaid in cash... then refuses your calls or disappears.

Thief:  When you are not looking, items or cash disappear.

Scout:  After appointment your residence is burlarized.    

Blackmail:  A provider finds out too much personal information about you, and threatens to post or give out your information to who ever (job, media, family) in exchange for money.


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