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Upscale providers 

Posted 5/19/2012 at 2:07:35 AM

baba o riley
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If you are talking about the really upscale providers I presume you are talking about the two hour 1400 to 1500 category or above.  You definitely don't need a suit and tie.  You need to be able to fill the envelope, be clean and be good to them.  They take their pants off one leg at time just like the 400 to 600 ladies.  There's really not a difference between them as far as how they handle their business.  And they can show up late, or cancel at the last minute like any lady.  Other than a looks preference there's no difference between 400 an hour and 1500 for two hours.  Just do your home work and read reviews.  There are outstanding ladies in every category.   Seeing any lady is an experience, but I will tell you there is definitely a different feel when it comes to booking the high end ladies based on reputation and price alone.   There are ladies in the mid range category that could be charging more, and there are ladies in the high end that should be charging less.  DO  YOUR HOMEWORK.

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