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Wont happen

Posted 3/15/2012 at 1:56:31 PM

Providers are investigated anytime they are on any website. They have pictures already printed of every woman on the web. Trust me I know.

They arent going to take the time to investigate a provider. Its not worth it to them. Yes they can try and book an appt with them but if they screen and expect references from reputable women there shouldnt be a problem.

So as far as your wife trying to inflict misery on a provider...a highly doubt that could happen. She doesnt have the evidence or authority to throw anyone in jail. I wouldnt care how much money you spent on the lady. Unless, she is in the room with the LE then there is nothing she can do. And I would be careful if I were her as well as a provider can make her life just as miserable.

Now, your situation is all hersay. Yes, they can find that you spent money through CC but what evidence do they really have? Unless, the provider decides to come to court which I highly doubt, you should be fine.

Ok. So you spent some money on erotic websites. Who cares. This is all fantasy and unless the women you seen are willing to testify which would ruin their reputation on being discreet I wouldnt worry about it.

Good luck.

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