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wow...not sure what to tell you

posted 3/15/2012 at 9:12:42 AM

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except after the fact, this is why anyone who wants things to be secret should not use their regular email account or credit cards..  but then, you already know that.

Having been through the legal system you are about to embark upon, I would simply suggest that you do whatever you can to clean things up, with the certain expectation she will look. But really, there is no reason for her (or lawyer) to look for these things, unless they have a reason to do so. All depends on the grounds being sought, and your resistance to paying whatever she wants. No one is interested in all this discovery process unless they have reason to beleive they need to.

and I sincerely doubt that any provider is going to jail...unless you had a hidden camera and something incriminating. This is a hobby....and it is consensual..and every website I have ever seen talks about escorting for companionship...why in the worlkd would anyone go to jail for that...